Who am I?

Hi there! I am Tahjma VanBuren, the author of this blog. I’m a 20-something southern young professional. You can find out ten random facts about me, here.

Currently, I work in the non-profit sector. I get the opportunity to serve my community, supporting public education for all, in a variety of ways. I often find myself in spaces where I am one of the few Black women (or Black person, in general) at the table. Not to mention, I am pretty much always at least 15 years younger than everyone else that I get the opportunity to work with. 

Now, I love Love LOVE what I do. How many people get to breathe the same air as a nationally recognized school superintendent and talk about her ancestry results with her? 

I do!! I love all of the projects that come my way between 9 am and 5 pm. However, I don’t so much love the isolation I can feel while navigating my field. Feeling the pressure to present myself in tip-top position because “you are representing your entire race and gender;” that gets to be exhausting. And at the recommendation of my masseuse, I need to “let that shit go.” So, here I am, letting all that shit go. Sharing with you the ups, downs, and turnarounds or being Young, Black, and Professional.

I look forward to trading stories with you. Leave a cute comment on your favorite post.

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