You know your craft like no other, but that isn't translating in your online content.

If you have had any one of these thoughts:

  • My services are self explanatory, why do I need social media?
  • I have no more good ideas left in me to post every single day.
  • Let me make sure that post actually went out!
  • How do I manage working IN my business and ON my business?
  • I like my privacy, I don't want to record every second of my day.

You have got to get out of the weeds! It's killing your productivity, it's dragging your message, and you're running right up on burnout.

Your marketing strategies should be as simple as possible. You don't have to be everywhere, nor do you have to do everything. Going live everyday doesn't work for everyone, in fact, I urge against it. (Psst, there is a such thing as overexposure.) Your clients need to know exactly how to find you, when you're going to be there, and what energy to expect from you.

Through podcasting, I help my clients:

  • stop answering the same questions a bunch of times
  • allow people feel your passionate energy from miles away
  • and create opportunities for your powerful message to travel beyond that one person, when they share your episodes with a friend and on social media

Through social media, I help my clients:

  • have fun with your clients and follow their journey using your services
  • keep your ear to the ground on exactly how your services are useful and where you may need some work
  • and compete to stay top of mind for your target audience

I challenge them to focus on what's important, simplify their marketing, and hone the philosophy of "progress over perfection."

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