Black History is here!

It is February, but it is most importantly, Black History Month. A lot of people groan and mumble when they hear that February has circled back around, but it is something to get hype about. The fact is Black History Month is still one hundred and two percent necessary. When you have things like Ferguson occurring every single day, when history textbooks can’t even tell you definitive facts about your culture, when natural hair is still not widely accepted, when black people can’t go deeper than Malcolm X or Dr. King, when people honestly think that black history started with slavery, that is a clear sign that Black History Month is still needed. So, this month and every month thereafter should be catered to Black History. This month is catered to inter-racial racism. This month is catered to Black Wall Street. This month is catered to the lady that refused to give up her seat on a bus way before Rosa Parks did, but never gained recognition because she was a unmarried teenage mother (yeah, google her).

Spread your Blackness. Love your Blackness. Be your Blackness.

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-a voice from young black america

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