I help small business owners increase their sphere of impact through podcasting and social media

Telling the story of you is what takes your business to the next level. By simplifying your marketing, showing up as your most authentic self, and being willing to be seen trying —you can be limitless. 


Hi! I am Tahjma VanBuren

I manage podcasts and social media accounts for service providers focused on elevating and transforming lives. 

I’ve supported a number of professionals in honing in on their real message. Through that work, I’ve learned as experts in our fields, we know exactly why we do our hearts work. BUT, then we struggle to spread that message to a wider audience. 

The truth is, the people who need what we have to offer cannot afford for us to keep missing the mark on deepening relationships with them. If they have already spent money with you, they want (read: need) you to help them along the journey of using your services. 

Sales and results come with you consistently sharing your genuine story. I want to help you do exactly that. It’s scary to be seen. It’s a battle to be consistent. But it is so worth it for you and especially the people who need you.

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