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One of my own personal values that I treasure dearly is the necessity to give back to your community, this, unfortunately, causes me to hold high standards for other people to do the same no matter the profession they are involved in. This includes people from your athletes, to lawyers, those in the fashion and music industry, accountants, that nail salon owner down the street, I honestly couldn’t care less about what you do for a living if you do not put in a little time to say thank you to those people near and far that helped you get to where you wanted to be in the slightest bit; yes that includes that janitor that picked up that milk carton you left on the cafeteria table at breakfast when you were running late to class. All of this is to say that many people make careers out of giving back and being advocates, but you don’t have to do that at all, because honestly it just isn’t for everyone. I personally am working to become a high school teacher that writes young adult novels and poetry, yeah that isn’t mega far from what I’m reaching for via this blog, but this is only one of the many ways that I plan to give back. I want to be able to encourage you and myself to look over our shoulder and reach out a hand to help others up, it could come back to you in an overwhelming way. So, as you and I work toward the career and life that we want, I know that we are going to make it our duty to leave the doors open that we walk through.

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