I am...

Tahjma VanBuren, your favorite community energizer. I have a passion for having the difficult conversations, serving my community in the best possible way, and connecting people with other likeminded individuals. I value connectivity within teams and pushing the limits to get to the system changing results that we seek.

I love working with people to...

  1. Create experiences that connect people.
  2. Examine and record ways change happens in communities.
  3. Empower ourselves and the people around us to be change agents.

Fast Facts

  1. I am a young professional in North Carolina.
  2. Currently, I manage lots of projects and volunteers at a non-profit that focuses on education equity.
  3. I nerd out on community initiatives that have the possibility to transform lives. Though, you probably already know that based upon my posts.
  4. I live for hiking season! The winter months are not at all my jam.
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