Tahjma VanBuren

Tahjma VanBuren specializes in project management and methods of community development. She has worked with several non-profit and for-profit organizations that have a desire to tap into community needs and desires. When she is not working in the community, you can find her in a bookstore, bowling alley, or hiking.

6 random facts about Tahjma:

  1. Tahjma has a fish, his name is Bernard.
  2. Born in Atlanta, Georgia. Raised in Charlotte, NC.
  3. Tahjma spends a lot of time thinking about three things: financial freedom, wine, and the self-help section in the bookstore.
  4. Two people that inspire Tahjma: Mindy Kaling, Morgan DeBaun and of course, her mother.
  5. Tahjma could never get tired of eggs scrambled with cheese.
  6. Tahjma believes that one of the many keys to a thriving community is social entreprenuership.
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