Young Professional & Community Energizer

Tahjma VanBuren started her journey right after college in the non-profit field learning the art of community development and impact. She navigates the professional world as often both the only black women in the room and frequently the youngest. Through these experiences, Tahjma documents the lessons that she learns along the way. All with a side of books and wine.

You can keep up with Tahjma on Instagram, where she talks about the lessons learned, community action, and some really cool people, places, and things.

Fast Facts

  1. I live in North Carolina.
  2. Currently, I manage lots of projects and volunteers at a non-profit that focuses on education equity.
  3. Most Friday nights, you can find me on the couch with a glass of red wine.
  4. I live for hiking season! The winter months are not at all my jam.
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